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Why Study in the UK?Education at its best

Why Study in the UK?

Education at its best

The United Kingdom is regarded to be one of the best places in the world for education with many thousands of students from all over the world going to the UK each year to study. Not only that, in the UK, you learn in an environment that has advanced technologies and advanced teaching methodologies....

What can we do for youExpert Eductaional Advice

What can we do for you

Expert Eductaional Advice

EDUCOM is dedicated to help you find the right University, College or School for you to continue your studies in the UK

UK Master CoursesMaster qualification in 1 year

UK Master Courses

Master qualification in 1 year

The majority of UK master courses are completed in 1year (12 months) full time study. The teaching in a Master Course will take place over 8 months period. Followed by 4 months dissertation. There are usually 6 - 8 taught modules assessed by a mixture of course work assignments and exams.....

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